Properties of Materials


Watch animations and play games!

Brush-up on your materials knowledge the fun way.

Learn about the Properties of Solids, Liquids and Gases by watching the animations at the ABPI website.

Afterwards try the BBC (KS2 Bitesize) material games below. Enjoy!

Properties of Materials Game

The dangerous Androvax has crash-landed on Earth! Sabotage his escape plans by tricking him into building a space ship out of the wrong materials.

Characteristics of Materials game

Discover the characteristics of materials. How strong is glass? How flexible is metal?

Keeping Warm game

Try some experiments to find the best thermal insulator

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Times Table Fun


Quick recall of times tables up to 12 x 12 is a key skill. However, improving or practising your times table skills does not have to be boring! Why not play some fun times table games?

The following links have various free interactive times table games for you to choose from and play:



Maths Zone 

Maths Games 

Times Tables Shoot ‘Em Up   
There is only one game at the final link, but it is worth a look.

Why not recommend the games you play and like?

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Wizard of Oz


All too quickly the day of the show had arrived and the parents were arriving to take their seats. There was much excitement and a lot of nerves as the minutes ticked by to 6:00 pm. The show was about to begin…

After an impressive start by the Year 3 and 4 ukulele players the Year 5 and 6 actors took to the stage.

The next 100 minutes sped by in a whirlwind of fantastic acting, some wonderful class dances and primary singing, which showcased the impressive talents and huge effort made by the students.

All to soon the final song was being sung, with gusto, by every student in primary, Miss Keserovic gave a speech, followed by an impromptu student led chant of “BIS! BIS! BIS!..” and The Wizard of Oz play was over.

Miss Gulch and Dorothy            Angry Trees

Hunk, Hickory and Zeke

Of course, special mention goes to the amazing Year 5 actors and the excellent performance of the class dance (which was declared “the best dance” by an impartial member of the audience).

Mr Bourdillon and I are two very proud teachers!

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Wizard of Oz count down…


Image result for the day has come

Image result for one day to go

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Wizard of Oz countdown…


Image result for 2 days to go

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Wizard of Oz countdown…



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Wizard of Oz


There is a buzz in the upper KS2 classrooms at the moment, as they practice their lines, songs and their respective dances for the upcoming annual play, The Wizard of Oz.

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International Art Contest



You can view the submissions by Year 5 to the 7th Annual Space Foundation International Student Art Contest by clicking the link.



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Did you see the SuperMoon today?

A jet plane flies across the moon seen from Beijing, China, Monday, Nov. 14, 2016

The moon as seen in Beijing, China (Source: BBC NEWS)

Year 5 are currently keeping a daily journal recording the shape of the moon they observe over a month. They should thus all be fortunate enough to see the SuperMoon.

Below is a picture taken in Belgrade today. Is it me or does the moon have a smiley face?


Today, the Supermoon will look 14% bigger and around 30% brighter.


The elliptical circuit of the moon around the earth means it is sometimes closer than other times and tonight is the closest it has been in 68 years. According to NASA, the average distance of the moon from Earth is approx 385,000 km, but tonight the moon will be at its perigee (the closest point in its orbit to the Earth), around 30,000 km closer than the average.

It will be 2034, the next time the moon is as close to the Earth.


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Planet Poetry


In a cross-curriculum task, Year 5 composed their own poetry about one of the planets in the solar system. You can read some of their poems below (more will be added soon).



I wonder how long

I’d need to run

to get to the sixth

rock from the sun?


If I finally got over there,

I’d need to check the atmosphere

It should be alright, at least I hope.

It seemed OK through the telescope.


Beautiful rings and lots of flat road,

ideal to ride my hover-board!

I’ve got to think of a way to go

to Saturn and back.

It shouldn’t take long!

V (Y5H)



There’s a red planet called Mars,

It’s very cold and it’s number is four,

Named for Roman god of war,

So it needs to be explored.


Life on Mars. Is it true?

People don’t know, till they go.

We need to land to get a clue,

Otherwise we will never know.

D (Y5H)







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